Call for Papers: WJEL Special Issue - Exploring the Intersections of English Literature, Linguistics, and English Language Teaching and Learning

Exploring the Intersections of English Literature, Linguistics, and English Language Teaching and Learning

The English language has come a long way from its humble origins to its current status as a global phenomenon. Its evolution and far-reaching impact on culture, communication, and international relations make it a compelling subject of study. As the world continues to evolve, understanding the complexities of the English language will remain vital for fostering global understanding and effective communication. English language education has evolved into a multifaceted discipline that encompasses literature, linguistics, and the teaching and learning of English as a Second Language (ESL), Additional Language (EAL), or as a Foreign Language (TEFL). This topic explores the interconnections between these domains, highlighting their mutual influence and significance in shaping language acquisition, literary appreciation, and effective language teaching methodologies.

The relationship between English literature, linguistics, and English language teaching and learning is multifaceted and dynamic. By understanding and leveraging these interconnections, educators can create enriching language learning experiences that foster a love for literature, cultivate effective language communication, and promote intercultural understanding among learners from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

This Special Issue intends to include a range of studies that consider diverse theoretical and instructional practices for second language learning and teaching using technologies. 

Aims and Objectives:

Linguistics and Language Acquisition

Teaching English Literature

English literature

English as a Threat to Minority Languages

English in the Digital Age

Linguistic Borrowings and Influences

English Language Teaching Methodologies

Technology and English Language Learning

Assessment and Evaluation in Language Teaching

Teacher Training and Professional Development

English as a Global Language

The exploration of this special issue will equip educators with innovative approaches to create enriching language learning experiences, promote intercultural understanding, and foster a deeper appreciation of language and literature among ESL/EAL/TEFL learners. Additionally, this special issue will contribute to the broader field of language education and pave the way for continued advancements in language teaching methodologies and practices.

All submissions must go to the special issue editor, 

Special issue Editor

Ahdi Hassan, Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Deadline:  December, 2023

Publication date: January, 2024