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by 24 aqtimpc35 aqtimpc35 aqtimpc35 (2013-05-02)

New York Knicks Jerseys Time got in touch with on Wednesday with province a long, the county magistrate discovers, this is a little bit really quite good, "square phobia", as long as he arrives an open spaces place on all sides, will can not control feelings strain gets up and thus carry out to oneself tight protect Zhi

Authentic Knicks Carmelo Anthony Jersey Big Kun part and four show talk, simultaneously secretly see a dog.Just the dog vigilance ground looking at four shows.Four shows fear a dog and stand is leaving dog a few far places, don't dare to come forward.The big Kun raises voice and says, don't fear, it can't bite yours.The big Kun walks over there and squatted down body and clapped dog's head and silently pointed to point four shows, then light tone hiss 1.The reaction of dog is quick, be like an arrows that leaves Xian, shotted into four shows.Four shows want to escape, didn't escape, the dog had already bitten at his trouser leg.Follow, big Kun a start to grasp ground the iron staff that has already readied to, also be like an arrows, shoot to go out.

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