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by 24 aqtimpc35 aqtimpc35 aqtimpc35 (2013-05-02)

J.R. Smith Jersey Like, press this notice up say of, these chicken ducks allow us to handle, another think, you are also not easy, let you lift to return to!Remember, tomorrow if there is again a domestic animal into campus, I see the cow chop down a cow leg and see the sheep chop down a sheep head, I don't believe evil, by that time literally you how wear, blunt I!Head Chen Pi finishes saying, also not the time ground separates crowd and greatly treads but goes to.

Jason Kidd Jersey This day, teacher Li has urgent matter, hasty fire torch orchid Ping-ho's sweeping member of committee is a classroom and say, tomorrow early in the morning, the school wants hygiene big check, your company measures amount of company and likes an arrangement for a while and sweep thoroughly some.After school, the task decoration bottom went to, all the classmate all went to move.But, when orchid Ping-ho sweep member of committee to unify check, discover Liu Xia Men that of the male area didn't sweep, but the person ran light.Don't the classmate of class took advantage of an opportunity to steal lazy, shed leaves, scraps of paper one thou all of the brains swepted into.The breeze is late blown, those defoliation and scraps of paper, dance on the ground, demonstrate similar.

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