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Divorced pregnant man creates mother of all mix-up

in reality, It just got a whole lot more complex.

thomas Beatie, The man who became famous for becoming pregnant to all three of his children while legally a man, Was denied a divorce from his wife last week because the state of Arizona does not recognise samesex marriage.

At the time he was married to a woman by the name of Nancy Beatie; It was when the happy couple found out she was infertile that Thomas decided to fall pregnant.

we can see, He was created a she.

created Tracy Lagondino in 1974, Thomas was legally disclosed as a male in 2002 when he had sexreassignment surgery in Hawaii, Where he and Nancy were also hitched.

His female reproductive system organs were kept intact but underwent a double mastectomy to remove his breasts.

the happy couple welcomed their first child, susan Juliette Beatie, On June 29 the fact year.

In June 2009 came a person's second child, A son named Austin Alexander Beatie and in July 2010, Thomas gave birth to their third child, Jensen harry Beatie.

But by 2012 [url=]Michael Kors mens watches[/url] things weren't so peachy and Thomas announced his splitting up to Nancy publicy via TV show, The chiropractors.

All your marriage, We have our ups and downs, And we're facing a rough patch right now. at the present, We're split up.

He also announced he had [url=][/url] underwent phalloplasty, Where an artificial penis is attached to the body.

Hasn't seen the fresh me yet, He said right at that moment.

A year on divorce actions are well underway, But Arizona State seems somewhat unsure what to do about this awkward situation.

Beatie had legal read me files that identified him as a man when he married Nancy in Hawaii nine years ago, Yet Maricopa County Family Court Judge Douglas Gerlach believed there was inadequate proof he was known as a man when they married.

bya proof, We mean a willy.

"Parties have failed to show that the word 'man' in the state constitution means anything different from its plain, traditional meaning, [url=]michael kors handbags cheap[/url] Which by any generally accepted definition or reputable dictionary excludes people capable of pregnancy, Gerlach gave them, Dismissing the case for a lack of intended theme jurisdiction.

in the mean time, Nancy is also travelling to join Thomas in the judge's ruling. Her legal professional, chris are friends,james Higgins, Had this to state:

"choosing one is a two edged sword for Nancy. Obviously she is very disappointed the judge did not find wedding ceremony to be valid.

"She acknowledged [url=][/url] herself to be married, idea Thomas to be a man, And we will probably join Thomas in continue with an appeal in that regard,

When asked by Barbara Walters in a 2008 interview if they saw themselves as a standard family, [url=]michael kors shoes outlet[/url] thomas said, accomplish, resolution man, girl friend and child. It's ironic that we are so different yet we are just a family, just the same as anyone else.

Beatie's current fiancee, emerald Nicholas, Is said to also be aggravated while the outcome.

"She does not want to be dating a married man, The couples solicitor, David jordan Cantor said.

It's expected a decision on whether the parties will make an appeal to either the State Court of Appeals or the State top court will be announced on Friday,Br or>