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Renting concept with the bag

The Internetbased company that Lloyd Lapidus cofounded with brotherinlaw Greg Pippo a few months ago offers access to more chic handbags than an army of fashionistas could sport in a single season. Customers can swap bags as often as that like, All for a monthly being a member fee, incredibly like Netflix does with DVDs.

Lapidus says the idea for Bag, Borrow or Steal began watching "Bagaholic" kids.

also, Style mavens michael kors outlet such as Carrie Bradshaw don adorn via the Web, But that hasn stopped progressively more fashion hawks from signing up anyway.

From Baby Phat and Burberry to Nicky Hilton and Yves saint Laurent, gear, Borrow or Steal boasts hundreds of handbags to rent at three monthly membership levels, or more $9.95 per range of choices to cover shipping, Handling and insurance coverage coverage.

a lot of "fashion leader, offering the latest from "different, Emerging performers, to get $19.95; "princess or queen, adding wellknown designer bags, to achieve $49.95; then "queen, Giving owners their pick of the priciest, Top designer brand bags, for $99.95.

consumers can send a "Stealit" Request and purchase the musthave bag at a small fraction of the cost, contingent upon its age and wear. And the company reserves the right to charge customers for bags which were stained or damaged, Though that has not a problem.

"generally, The bags come shipped more carefully than we sent them out, Lapidus utters.

While buyers come from major urban centers, an increasing number hail from rural areas. "They might not have a Madison Avenue or Bal Harbour address, Lapidus tells how, Using shorthand for highend shopping zones in New York and Florida. "for the children, the method of using the service for value takes a second seat to convenience,

The company purchases most bags at retail cost but is looking to partner with designers in the future.

it recently added "Stacey Designer limelight, A weekly feature on which Stacey Lapidus, Lloyd sister and a adding to editor at Vanity Fair, michael kors outlet online highlights upandcoming creators of clutches, Purses and clutches.

Absent from firm Web site, yet, Are bags costing firmly in the four figures ultraluxury brands include things like KieselsteinCord, Judith Lieber so Louis Vuitton.

"If your chosen designer isn there today, That doesn mean they won be there wednesday, the following month, Lapidus alleges.

Kim people from france, Editor in chief of Lucky journal, Says the appeal of handbags is almost universal among women and especially the styleconscious ones.

"A Louis Vuitton bag makes a woman feel better about herself. It dresses up a dress-up costume, she says. "A bag never causes you to feel fat, and i believe that why shoes are so popular. But bags do confer instant style,

France says the challenge is selecting the proper bag for the right occasion, Which is more about connecting a complete look and knowing that "No one bag can be all sorts of things,

"Women get crazy about bags, she says. "They get excited about whatever the style of the moment is and get a bag that costs large income, Instead of going for a excellent bag,

the buzz of Web auction sites has given many women the freedom to think of some purchases as rentals, anyhow, england says.

"in today's times, once eBay exists, You can go out and buy yourself a crazy, Expensive bag and know that you going to enjoy it for the season and know that marketing it if you louis vuitton outlet store took good care of it,Br /> Our into adulthood. almost anything to avoid the dreaded "Staycation." should you have had your eye michael kors outlet locations on Europe, as an example, Set your ideas on Montreal or Quebec; had you been thinking Orlando, change that to Anaheim; If you were considering a week at an allinclusive, Amend that to four days at a selfcatering holiday cottage in Capitola. you might find, As i had, That in our quest for exotic airports we've been flying over, Or driving past, Some fantastic, so undervisited, Places much closer to home. southern states Dakota, for example. my wife, Jeri, visited last summer and came back raving about it in terms people typically reserve for Yellowstone or the Ngorogoro Crater. who knew? If we're going to have to stick closer to home, there aren't many better homes than Northern California. In broadening concentric circles, We have the wine Country, the exact Monterey Peninsula, Yosemite, tahoe, specific redwoods, appeal of soy Sierra, The glitz of are usually and the sunblessed beaches of San Diego. People regularly travel halfway more or less anywhere to visit