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Liu Xiang Did not think of can recordbreaking resembles the column on somnambulate 8 change 7 already successful

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Liu Xiang: Did not think of can record-breaking resembles the column on somnambulate 8 change 7 already successful
Empty dispatch Liu Xiang is in Hua Aoxing Birmingham with 7 seconds 41 after breaking the record of Asia of 60 meters of column, make a good beginning that wins new sports season, say frankly to did not think of can record-breaking, call oneself sensory resembling somnambulate even.
The Liu Xiang after triumph is very happy: "I have this actual strength to break Asian record, but did not think of the first is defeated to England, feel I still have a bit somnambulate. Oneself are right oneself today's hind Cheng is more satisfactory, start of a race sets out pretty good still also. The first column and the 2nd column join a little have a problem. I miss the first game originally today run to 7 seconds 50 the left and right sides is OK, did not think of to be able to break Asian record, cannot think of, very glad. Very glad..
Before the Luo Baisi in the match 4 column appear dozen of column, last column still knocked over column wearing, liu Xiang states he is not clear that Luo Baisi gave what issue: "I am compared with respect to tubal myself today, I did not consider other mate. As Luo Baisi for, I am future before slower than him. He may have some of problem today, I do not know what problem really. I do not know what problem really..
The 7 seconds to oneself the individual of 41 is best achievement, liu Xiang appears very condescending: "7 seconds 41 also a lot of people can not walk, resemble me especially now, the first match can run to 7 seconds 41, I feel very special club, very satisfactory to oneself, can break Asian record again. The thing that myself never has the courage to think, I was accomplished today. I was accomplished today..
After Birmingham is surpassed, liu Xiang still will go Sweden and Turkey play two indoor games, liu Xiang says: "The hope has good germinant, today 7 seconds 41 whats cannot show, likely the match later I can run slower than today, what happens possibly. I feel I came back again, can break Asian record again, I am very satisfactory to oneself. Next one this year time changes 7 conditions from 8 paces, oneself special also, it is not easy to be held out really, dare to accept this kind of new trial, also be life road [url=]Jordan Sixty Club[/url] moves especially a challenge on career path, had succeeded. " (north and south)