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Meixi scores a goal 18 times continuously! 8 times Mei Kaier spends mad behead 29 balls14

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Meixi scores a goal 18 times continuously! 8 times Mei Kaier spends mad behead 29 balls
Successive behead of 18 rounds of league matches obtains a goal, add refresh wears Mei Xiji the record that attributes oneself, resemble once active like getting stuck in the cloth suddenly of pole vault competition ground, know without the person they can be in forever when to stop, be in in fact 2012/13 sports season already 28 rounds of Xi Jiazhong that battle stops, mei Xi has league matches 4 rounds to did not score a goal only, the adversary of 19 league matches that this sports season place encounters, the goal that also has Saierda only still is done not have by Mei Xi breach. Of Mei Xi successive 18 rounds of league matches score a goal only then from last year on November 11, cling to Sa is in league matches the 11st round in guest field 4-2 beat Maluoka, plum of that one battle infiltrated on the west two balls, in 5 rounds of league matches of after this, the 3-1 after Ba Saxian gets the better of Salagesa, 4-0 gets the better of Laimote, 5-1 beats athletics of Bi Er Ba E, 2-1 beats Betty this, 4-1 gets the better of Ma Jing, mei Xi finishs Mei Kaier to spend in field of the field in these 5 rounds of league matches, last rounds of league matches 2012, mei Xi is in cling to infiltrate in the match that Sa 3-1 gets the better of Baladuolide 1 ball. On January 6, 2013 on the west armour the 18th round, mei Xi is in cling to infiltrate in the competition that Sa 4-0 beats Spaish 1 ball, subsequently two rounds in, cling to Sa 3-1 gets the better of Malajia, 2-3 not enemy royal society, mei Xi field all infiltrates 1 ball, on the west armour league matches the 21st round receive good play, cling to Sa pits in Nuo general 5-1 sweep anything away Aosasuna, mei Xi was performed big 4 happy event, two rounds of league matches are subsequently medium, cling to Sa 1-1 makes the same score Walunxiya, 6-1 gets the better of Hedafei greatly, mei Xi is successive two rounds each behead catchs 1 ball, league matches the 24th round, cling to 2-1 of Sa guest field beats Gelanada, mei Xi finishs Mei Kaier to spend. League matches the 25th round in cling to Sa 2-1 gets the better of Saiweiliya, the 26th round of 1-2 not enemy royal Madrid, the 27th round of 2-0 gets the better of Lakeluniya, 3 rounds of field all score Mei Xilian add 1 ball, today the 28th round of before dawn, mei Ximei opens 3-1 of team of 2 degrees of helps to beat Baliekanuo. Successive 18 rounds of league matches, mei Xi in all behead obtains a goal 29, perform 1 among them big 4 happy event, in all 8 times Mei Kaier is spent, the others infiltrates 9 times 1 ball, be in so far a sports season Xi Jiazhong, the 18 team gate except Saierda already all by Mei Xi breach, mei Xi also was [url=]Buy Nike Shox[/url] created successive the world that 18 matches score a goal is new record, on the west armour league matches the 29th round, cling to Sa will is opposite a Saierda, mei Xi hopeful continues to create the history. Article origin: Netease sports(responsibility edits: Pei Yushu)