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A Big Gun Case for the High Court

Six advanced cheap nfl jerseys cruise missiles, all slated for decommissioning, were to be attached to the bomber's wings. But first the munitions crew accordance with Air Force policy need to remove the nuclear warheads on the missiles.

Yet the order to remove the warheads was never executed. In fact, it wasn't until the bomber showed up at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana more than three hours later that someone spotted the problem.

In response wholesale jerseys to growing speculation about the incident, Pentagon officials said that the nuclear warheads could not have detonated without presidential approval. The Air Force is conducting an investigation, and the squadron commander at Minot has been relieved of his duties. If the Supreme Court takes up the case, it would also be the first time in 68 years that the Supreme Court has taken up the Second Amendment. officials say the handgun ban exempts rifles and shotguns central to fighting crime. But a federal appeals court struck down the law in March, saying the Constitution protects not just the right of state militias to bear arms but individual rights as well.

It's a view that most appellate courts had already rejected, fearing such an openended analysis would limit local control. So with a split among the courts, and prodding from both the city and the gun lobby, the Supreme Court seems headed for a showdown.

Out of Tragedy, a Start at Closure

It's impossible to put a price tag on a human life. The proposed deal with a pyrotechnics company, an alarm company, and landlords of the nightclub marks the first resolution of the suit against about 90 companies and individuals in connection with one of the deadliest club blazes on record. The fire, which killed 100 and injured cheap jerseys dozens more, started when the band Great White set off fireworks. Investigations revealed that the club had not complied with the city safety code. The band manager and club owners earlier reached plea deals with prosecutors.

Steve Fossett is no stranger to dangerous expeditions. The 63yearold adventurer has crisscrossed the globe in hotair balloons, flown gliders into the stratosphere, completed the Iditarod sleddog race, and piloted a jet from California to South cheap nba jerseys Carolina in less than three hours.

But last week, Fossett's knack for evading harm staying alive have come to a sudden end. On September 3, flying solo in a singleengine plane, Fossett lifted off from a small airstrip near Reno, Nev., reportedly hoping to inspect sites for an attempt at setting a new landspeed record. And then he disappeared. Searchandrescue helicopters with thermal imaging scanners were eventually enlisted. But by week's end, after days of combing the sagebrush and rugged terrain, there was still no sign of Fossett or his Bellanca Citabria Super Decathlon plane.
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