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The two exposure interview with William Feng emotional drama small scale _0

by 29 MobSpulptub MobSpulptub MobSpulptubWP (2012-10-15)

Netease Entertainment reported September 28th (article / south of the plant life map / video 663 ) film two times of exposure will launch on September 29th .September 24th, side from the sheet is stuck Beijing movie premiere , two points in the exposure publisher and producer Fang ,the issuer Gao Jun ,director Li Yu ( Fan Bingbing Hirsch ) ,( William Feng ) ,Huo Siyan ,Yao Anlian ,Kong Wei attended this second activity .Activities within the scene ,male William Feng accepted the special report of netease .Netease Entertainment :welcome William Feng to accept our interview Netease entertainment .William Feng :you Netease Entertainment audience friends Hello, I .Happy to meet you here .Netease Entertainment :this season you have three films ,including two times during exposure Tai Chi and before very successful box office painted 2 ,then two with young kids two compared to the exposure is a special movie, Li Yu choose you because the actor when, how and you talk about ?William Feng :Going that brokers take me to find out Li Yu ( director ) ,it is the very first time that I saw him .The very first time I saw you, I do not know what he [url=]beats by dre solo headphones[/url]
desired to make a scene ,even so have seen before his ,I love this movie .Because in those days signed the Tai Chi contract ,I don think I will head to beat others ,is likely to be familiar with .I feel very appreciate the director ,would like to meet, chat .Chatting, he may very well be from me feel right for his play in the role of Liu Dong .The reason him think ,I don because I will be very relaxed in chatting with him ,are not aware the more knowledge about what was said ,but far besides each other ,the film also has an awesome interest and enthusiasm ,because just began to shoot the movie ,also talked with him for many ,ask a great deal of the movies topic, talk more congenial to it ,so ,he let me play .Netease Entertainment :he publicly to your evaluation is huge also ,before his fans? Have read his works ?William Feng: Yes ,I very like his works . A Buddism godness Guanyin Mountain I feel very emotional ,very ,very true to a movie .Netease Entertainment : [url=]cheap nfl replica jerseys[/url]
From the the first look at your work ,is usually a television drama deep night and beauty and also the geek ,was particularly deep impression on you ,and now you have to debut ten years ,two more into the movie ,so from the tv screen drama to the film ,the intermediate transformation the process what feel incommensurate ?William Feng :no not meet, I feel more enjoy .Because before filming TV drama ,frankly and nothing is too much choice ,whether you love or otherwise not love ,or accept, as the effort you have to do .The captured on film and then, now a choice more ,can take some he had always aspired to play but have never played ,or who will be more interested in the role ,so my own personal creative impulse ,have greatly improved .Netease Entertainment :This really is a standard literary piece ,with you before making movies and TV series are not precisely the same ,will let fans can not accept ?The inner game will play great pressure ?William Feng :because before shooting ,I truly do I calculate, I is the original costume number ,right? Fashion was less .At the first try to shoot fashion can shoot a movie ,I think for me is certainly a happy thing .I think the movie and TV play is the main difference ,TV play is that many ,a lot of things you say your lines ,the basic work and the very strong comprehension ability .The film is plenty of pictures ,feel more .A number of the words you don speak out ,you are your emotions ,your speed and agility ,your presentation ,you state to show .Netease Entertainment : the primary time cooperates with Fan Bingbing ,how can you feel? So far she has collaborated with Li Yu three times ,however are the first time cooperation .William Feng :very pleasant cooperation with ice .Because in their early days of the time ,she also gave me a great deal of help .My new with co-director Li Yu ,doesn't know his work mode ,his habits .Ice with their more familiar, she would often tell me .Is another my way ,not take me to play, I slowly adapted for this work with the tempo and mode of the usb ports, I think ,this is very important .Netease Entertainment : the intimate drama will not embarrass myself ?William Feng :I don the film if you experience any large scale scene ,It is in a normal range of emotional drama it is , [url=]cheap beats by dre solo[/url]
there isn't a large-scale opera ,the way I am, I think it is a wise ,director in no large scale, is that types of feeling is superb ,I think this is its shooting technique and skill ,is exactly what we ,the results as well as the process of it ,you know the results ,every life experience ,or you a hug and also a kiss ,you already know the results .The key is that you didn't yet reached the results before the process .This is very ,very skilled .Netease Entertainment :Bingbing said in the filming process ,itself frequently on the verge of a mental breakdown ,repeatedly asked to begin to see the psychological doctor ,said pressure is too big ,the filming process you have this pressure ?William Feng :is that often what she said ?Netease Entertainment :Well ,is .William Feng :I was shooting early stressful ,I haven adapt to this way of working and find the characters times ,I am entangled .I even thought I have the withdrawal .I'm sure if the film the night before I want this question ,only play well, I you the first day's shooting .Netease Entertainment :while in the prior to the begin your heart ,pressure is great ?William Feng :it is great ,if not taking good ,I donm sorry such a very good work, or I quit .On the other hand give myself the chance ,I take a day .Netease Entertainment :while using director, say these ?Or is your heart knot ?William Feng :I didn ,that is my own thoughts, unexpectedly finished after can be ,I will feel very well .The director gave me great affirmation ,unlike the test piece when .I ponder he is it right? I intentionally repressed during rehearsal, I have this heart condition ,in conjuction with the character of this collapse of these feelings .I like to take it, it has been very successful ,is in the range of characters .Netease Entertainment :the play you play is a plastic surgeon ,there is no specific to learn some of your stuff ?William Feng yes. I centre ,dedicated to plastic surgery hospital, they introduce a plastic surgery hospital, field visits .Head to their doctor. Oh ,go to have a look ,because during my concept of it, my doctor is not particularly aware about ,let alone a plastic surgeon .They've got what kind of character .Next, i talk, think it is actually a very vivid ,real people .Then they even let me to opt for them operation room ,let me get dressed ,wearing masks ,in order to complete a variety of preparations , [url=]discount nfl jersey[/url]
after which it went to see they do operation .Watch them do operation .Very terrible, just like watching that horror show that like .That I thought I used to be standing there ,two feet like a stick on the land ,can hardly move by any means ,look at the operation .However i must have experienced these ,I really don't experience these ,I don believe myself is a really doctor ,including their hands, a simple hand wash ,it possesses a number of technical content internally ,how to wash ,gesture is how, step is how .I'm going to show this, but I must know these ,I can just learn ,I can believe he or she is such a person ,this is very important .Netease Entertainment :within the filming process ,there is something funny ?William Feng :nothing, nothing interesting .Netease Entertainment :you debut ten years ,now change big? William Feng :you will discover various ,various rough, all kinds of .Netease Entertainment :by way of example everyone you posted a stack of labels ,you is the two rich generation ,this tag for an actress, is a kind of pressure ?William Feng :I two rich generation ,no cumbersome ,I do my work ,my play .Netease Entertainment :this season you still micro-blog discloses and Ni Ni emotional status , [url=]nfl reebok jersey[/url]
you cannot find any feel great pressure ?And also the carrier of micro-blog ,many stars in in this way are not optimistic with regards to the public affair .William Feng: Personally i think very good, I think the trouble ,i really have a press conference .I just finished my this thing ,say the things past .I do believe tell you ,I don in a sneaky strategy to talk about a love ,to express to you the purpose ,the micro-blog aims also hope that we will not come to guess ,or resulting in topic ,I don .Thus far ,I tell that you simply result ,but what ,which is my .Netease Entertainment :so the public affair to life has effect ?William Feng :it is very simple ,I love you ,very simple ,nothing .Netease Entertainment :will not worry often asked the feelings of things ?William Feng: actually, I have a while did not accept the media access ,I just kept filming, I shoot very busy .This is certainly my personal life ,or should not be too much trouble ,I think can understand .Netease Entertainment :the next half of this coming year to next year ,what new performing arts program ?William Feng :it must still filming .Netease Entertainment :TV or film ?William Feng: it turned out the movie .Netease Entertainment :should already have many scripts to find you .More inclined to which variety of script? William Feng :temporarily confidential .