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by 29 Colin Colin ColinVT (2013-05-22)

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Rt Dermatology Specialists of Naples to possible fraudulent activity on the particular business TMs cards.

Not only did Jensen decide to buy $9,987.86 in engagement rings, Clothing and wallets from stores that included Victoria TMs Secret, Tiffany kids, private coach, Louis Vuitton, And bananas Republic, But she also gave himself $12,605.13 in extras.

And she also forged business checks to pay off the card or paypal purchases and cover her tracks, While making in the one $200 check payable to herself.

Jensen was too busy embezzling to subjected to patients TM insurance claims, So Strohmeyer lost far more when she wasn TMt paid for her expertise.

On saturday, Jensen pleaded no contest to scheming to defraud and handed over a check for $22,806.24, An amount covered by relatives. Collier Circuit Judge Elizabeth Krier then sentenced her to three years of probation.

Jensen faced up to 15 years in a state prison for the seconddegree felony, But was sentenced as part of a plea agreement discussed by Assistant State Attorney James Molenaar and defense attorney Jerry Berry.

Barely hearable, A crying Jensen said she was sorry. I apologize for this all, Jensen replied.

Berry argued that considering that Jensen had no record, definitely cooperated and paid restitution, She deserved on an adjudication of [url=]michael kors outlet online[/url] guilt withheld. She TMs a young woman who TMs never been in danger before, he said, Asking that she not be convicted so she doesn TMt have the doors shut to possib employers.

But [url=]louis vuitton outlet[/url] Strohmeyer told the judge about Jensen TMs expenditures, over-priced Louis Vuitton and Coach purses, Tiffany accessory " Not accessories " And says she TMd embezzled, regardless of she TMd been paid well.

Strohmeyer, Who didn TMt want her to serve in time prison, Wanted her to have a assurance on her record so other employers could see it. She likened Jensen TMs spending to an addiction to cigarettes, Saying 1 1/2 years of embezzling can TMt be cured by many years of probation.

My concern is this is not something she will now, suddenly stop, Strohmeyer reported. I want her to be convicted to help her think before she really does this again.

Molenaar argued that other employers should be aware of about her past.

Krier adjudicated her disloyal, pointing out she had 1 1/2 years to perform better. She could have talked to her boss or have done something to alter it, Krier additional, Noting that employers are in a sensitive and vulnerable position and need to be protected from employees who embezzle after earning their trust.

Naples Police reports show the thefts was held from Jan. 1, 2006, To feb.. 1, 2007. The analyze was prompted by an alert from Strohmeyer TMs credit card company. When Strohmeyer alerted her accountant to the forgeries " Company checks to pay off the plastic money cards " The accountants found many more signatures that weren TMt Strohmeyer TMs.

instantly sentencing, Berry refused comment, While Strohmeyer said she was pleased Jensen was convicted.

Louis Vuitton, instructor, You name a luxury store and she purchased from it, Strohmeyer stated that, Adding that Jensen even sent purchases to herself where you work.. This whitecollar crime is getting to be unreasonable. You just can't predict. I just desire to make some sort of statement to employers and employees out there to keep watch and see that this is a true crime.

While she was office supervisor, She never filed any insurance plan claims, Strohmeyer even more. I lost tens of thousands of dollars as a result of her lack of work ethic. My hope is that she gets a job and fixes her blowing problem.閿樼笂ffice bedrooms Plus in Knoxville

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