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In response to There's lots of radar detectors on the market at present


Our wife doesn't want to switch between glasses and contacts, She can get a couple of nonprescription glasses with the AR coating only (Doctors' labs do this continuously for people).

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yep, Try the yellow lenses. I make use of them when driving crosscountry; They brighten everything so the headlights aren't as nauseating.

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She might want to talk to a neurologist. warning: IANAD, And only speak from my own feel.

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I have glaucoma and typically symptom. Please ask your sweetheart to go see an opthamologist.

wrote by andreap at 1:12 AM on february 6, 2009

Have your sweetheart get a full exam from a good ophthalmologist. [url=]michael kors outlet[/url] it may be something simple and harmless, But difficulties with night vision and light sensitivity can be early indicators of a variety of eye problems.

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migraine headaches are psychosomatic. have a look at TMS and Dr. jesse Sarno.

Glaucoma just isn't psychosomatic, on the and do what andrea p. tells people.

wrote by Zambrano at 11:00 AM on february 6, 2009

Thanks for all the responses and the feedback on aspects such as glaucoma.

My wife is in her mid30's and generally otherwise healthy. She has had an eye exam, With no indication of any problem. However many people in her family have ocular issues, (Including light susceptibility) So thank goodness she's pretty vigilant about seeing an optometrist.

Because she's being vigilant on medical side, We're operating on the assumption that it is not anything medical, Just an unlucky education represent genes and the roads she drives on. Since we can't really do one thing about [url=http://www.cheapmichaelkorslocations. [url=]louis vuitton wallet[/url] com]michael kors outlet locations[/url] either, We'll have to take into consideration things like glasses with AR coating (Which is a solution we might explore.)

Zambrano, I have read Sarno's Mind/Body prescribed as part of my work on my own migraines. While I buy into his ideas that the emotional make a difference in the physical, I think you can discover nonemotional, Environmental triggers that cause physical responses that lead to migraines. as an example certain smells (scents, Strong chemical substance odors, scented candles, and so forth.) Can cause me in order to produce a migraine. I believe these and other triggers cause bodily responses to "attacks" On the body that lead to migraines which feel very different to me than other types of migraines I experience. I think it's this that is happening with my wife, A physical response to external stimuli.

Not to derail things employing Sarno rant (Who I think would be on to something), But as a migraine person myself, I would say just as some in this sort of profession put on blinders and automatically assume all pain is a physiological issue it's equally problematic to lump all pain together as being an emotional issue.

So in that spirit may I declare that not all migraines are psychosomatic, But that migraines can often be psychosomatic. I do not think my [url=]louis vuitton outlet[/url] wife's headaches are psychosomatic.閿樼笌hould our youngsters Be Socialized

if you've ever thought about homeschooling or were involved in a conversation about homeschooling (chances are good) Someone almost certainly blurted out the "S bit, No I'm not speaking about swearing/curing (Although that is WAY too regular as well!), what i'm saying is "socialization, It has come to represent a bad word in the homeschool discussion. I think this is probably because that's the only reason a person can come up with [url=]michael kors outlet online[/url] (pragmatically) to essentially send their kids off to school (So they can have some time away from their children). or simply, they have been so indoctrinated with this madeupfact (kind of like evolution, But that's another lens in general!).

let's look at what "social" Entails and physician if we really WANT our children "Socialized" with this!

First, when individuals bring up the "S ms word" They are generally referring to the fact that they believe kids should be immersed into a large group of their peers (And that this is they ONLY way they learn how