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Does Mao Jianqing disclose of south of old tactics of constant of Si Danuo battle Is Fu embraced talk about plaque oneself 0

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Does Mao Jianqing disclose: of south of old tactics of constant of Si Danuo battle? Is Fu embraced talk about plaque oneself?
Time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on March 29, exceed in 2013 sports season[Small gain]League matches the 3rd round of start shooting, the Guangzhou constant that ranks head of a list of names posted up is big[Small gain]Install does stadium of worker of Beijing of team be a guest challenge Beijing country[Small gain].
When the line is connected before Beijing sports channel is surpassed, the country installs player south before[Small gain]To Benchangbi contest expressed his view. South expresses: "Heart comparing exceeding in saying An Yuheng is opposite the country greatly is new definitely still is a bit earlier, just be two strong collision. Come round in order to look to tell, the end that the country brings also is first of contention league matches, contend for first word the first big hill is Guangzhou constant big, must have stridden him to just can talk other. Must have stridden him to just can talk other..
"The likelihood says from actual strength how the country compares constant to take disadvantageous position generally, the inside information of a team is more important nevertheless. It is greatly with constant below the case that how can the country take actor in actual strength on assembly accomplishment break even, should say body revealed the one side that he insides information.
South still expresses: "To Huang Bowen, the country installs fan to still answer much more good-tempered, no matter Huang Bowen has said what word, he is professional player, he is to have turn membership due turns to constant big. He is to have turn membership due turns to constant big..
After this country brings team member Mao Jianqing is [url=]cheap jordan shoes online[/url] accepting what Sidanuo disclosed when interviewing arrangement of a few tactics: "Advocate fight, how is the country sure mentally has an advantage, si Danuo asks we are cooperating to go up to be not hit too directly, want indirect hind insert go up dozen of constant big back. Second half comes in extrude of the other side, below the circumstance that physical ability drops, I may come on the stage. I may come on the stage..
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