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More than 30 business door encroachs Wuhan Han Zhengjie trade mark right of young tiger horse

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More than 30 business door encroachs Wuhan Han Zhengjie trade mark right of young tiger horse
[Chinese shoe net - domestic news] trade as old name small commodities the market, having the world the say Han Zhengjie of the first street, most propbably every Wuhan person is not new. However, since last year December, more than 30 wholesale commodity of Han Zhengjie manages door was immersed in predicament: In succession byYoung tiger horseYoung tiger horseBrand shop) European company (the following abbreviation young tiger horse) sue, because sell,be encroached by seek redress the loss that place of product of trade mark right of young tiger horse causes is close 2 million yuan. Reporter yesterday all, quadrangle of city of Wuhan of this case classics is tried, both sides reachs intercessory agreement finally: Be appealed to to manage door stop more than yuan 30 to sell loss of horse of tort product, compensation young tiger to add up to.
Han Zhengjie 30 more than business door the accused
Young tiger horse is a tycoon of sporting goods production that registers in Germany, wait with sneaker and sprotswear for main product. Brand of this company written language, graph brand and its combination brand antedate to was in China in December 1978 already approve is registered.
In November 2010, young tiger horse entrusts notarial personnel, the management inn of the commodity such as clothing of the sneaker that much home sells brand of Yin Youbiao horse inside the Zhejiang shoe city that falls meeting point to be located in Han Zhengjie and benefit Jinan road, sports, leather belt undertook spot evidence conserve, entrust a lawyer to wait for 30 Yu Jiajing battalion to the Xiong Mou that is suspected of tort subsequently door reach field to rent 3 river economy of Fang Wuhan city grow limited company to send a lawyer to case, ask its stop tort, destroy by melting or burning relevant tort commodity recoups a loss.
By December 2012, young tiger horse tells afore-mentioned personnel and unit the court, the tort behavior that weighs numerous the accused caused serious negative effect to the brand image of this company, and the legitimate rights and interests that encroached the many country agency via this company legal authorization, the requirement stops tort, recoup corresponding loss 2 million yuan.
After Wuhan city quadrangle accepts this proposal, the label that is appealed to to manage a sale product and prosecutor the registered trade mark of young tiger horse has comparing is opposite, discovery is accused the graph on tort commodity marks, have little part and figure of young tiger horse identical, great majority belongs to the leopard graph label that imitates young tiger horse, and very approximate on configuration of the integral appearance that jumps leopard, capriole, if not careful contrast discerns hard,; is appealed to the character on tort commodity marks, some and the PUMA label of young tiger horse are identical, some criterion constitutes the 3 letters change after P letter orderly the character such as PMUA, PAUM, easy also on integral expression configuration the brand photograph with accuser is promiscuous.
Undertake judgePreliminaryPreliminaryBrand shop) maintain, zhejiang shoe city rebukes some waits for those who run a sale to imprint have as identical as registered trade mark of company of young tiger horse or similar goods, the trademark that violated accuser is special authority, and to manage door explained relevant law provision repeatedly.
Reporter yesterday all, judge of quadrangle of classics Wuhan city chairs mediation, former defendant already ran an intercessory agreement that stops to sell company of Europe of horse of product be appealinged to, Xiang Biao to pay compensation at was being reached recently.
The judge is commented on
Wuhan city quadrangle undertakes judge: A lot of manage door have an error, think to did not participate in manufacturing tort product, need not assume tort responsibility. Actually, [url=]Cheap Retro Jordan[/url] " trademark law of People's Republic of China " the provision is very specific, the sale encroachs commodity of trade mark right, belong to the act that violates trade mark right. And law also sets, brand is the glyph that points to a character, pronunciation, meaning approximately or graphical composition of a picture and color, or its the integral structure after each element is combined is similar, or its are stereo combination of appearance, color is approximate, make relevant public produces mistake to perhaps think the commodity of its origin and accuser registered trade mark has specific connection to the origin of commodity easily.
From 2009 the bottom rises, company of Europe of young tiger horse manages what Wuhan city sells tort goods in succession door tell a court, up to now Wuhan city quadrangle already careful knot is congener case 276. Accordingly, manage door must draw a lesson, do not pay similar tuition again. (Chinese shoe net - the most authoritative center of the most professional information of shoe line of business)