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Elton John tour to Shanghai shelling Madonna stripper

by 29 Usansamnacupe Usansamnacupe UsansamnacupeOL (2012-10-10)

Morning News reported on August 8th rock legend Elton John is going to be on November 23rd while in the Mercedes - Benz Cultural Centre Concert to be held, 8 years ago, he had to do in China, and this round of touring, he named Half a century a milepost.
The "old" pure "singer [url=]beats by dre studio [/url]
about the stage of vigor, stage acting edgy, in the recent interview, Elton blasted Madonna, says it is" playground on the stripper ", and said that Madonna's occupation career is finished.
65 years old also tour Elton John along with the Beatles, Elvis Presley, is really a music reputation of best-selling pop singers.In 1970 Elton John's career peak, his single "your song" permit the world is mad about; and "Crocodile Rock", "Bernie and also the jet", "Philadelphia freedom", "don't break my heart", 56 songs, 40 songs appeared within the American billboard charts Hot 100 singles.
Elton's album sales accumulated reaches of up to 250000000, received a total of 6 glamor award along with the 4 Brit Awards, as well as in 1994 entered the steel Hall of fame.The song of Elton, be known as, is his movie "the lion king" for "can you believe the love tonight", and 1997 at Princess Diana's funeral concert "candle from the wind".
Elton John's live performances with the acclaimed.Is he 65 [url=]beats by dre [/url]
yrs . old, well-dressed, maintained early performance style -- the best shining attire, one of the most passionate attitude.It is worth mentioning that, his band from his debut [url=]spiderman beats by dre [/url]
may be with him, inside 3000 concert, they still tour.
It is reported, Elton currently is the Sin city Kaiser Theatre "million piano show" performance, challenging a vote, from August 10th onwards, barley net accept fans booking Shanghai concert tickets, the priciest 280 yuan.
Mr Madonna as a logo in the music character, Elton in charity and support for vulnerable groups has lots of achievements, as well, he dare outspoken.Recently, Madonna means that the LadyGaga "BornThisWay" to repeat her 1989 "ExpressYourself" words, Elton John not to sit, he said, Madonna of LadyGaga evaluation is usually a disguise himself disturbed because of the performance, "Madonna is like a nightmare, sorry, her occupation career has ended.
Her tour as disastrous.If Madonna includes a bit of commonsense, she recorded as "RayOfLight" that this song needs to be away from the dance style, however, Madonna wouldn't do so, she must prove himself is often a playground from the stripper, so she was very unpleasant to LadyGaga.
"This isn't the first time Elton John accused Madonna.During early 2007, Elton John accused the Madonna in her personal concert singing, in this particular year's "super bowl" the very last scene, Elton John generally known as Madonna on the well mouth.
Elton John thinks, young singer needed support, he backed LadyGaga as help trough period like Britney, they are also the evergreen secret, "listen to a lot of young bands, they become very passionate young adults, listen to the tunes, let me study a lot".