Special Issue Guideline

Special Issues are an important component of The Journal of Hematological Malignancies (JHM) edited by a Guest Editor. They deal with more focused topics with high current interest falling within the scope of the journal. Special Issue articles should fulfill all the normal requirements of any individual JHM article, and should be of relevance to a wide international and multidisciplinary readership. Authors should note the same criteria of quality, originality, and significance applies to articles in Special Issues as to regular articles. A description of JHM’s aims and scope can be found here.

Initial Proposal and Agreement in Principle

All Special Issues must receive initial approval from the Editorial Board before the papers are submitted. Special Issue proposals are welcome at any time during the year, and should be submitted to Editor Alex McMillan, jhm@sciedu.ca.


A proposal for a Special Issue Call for Papers

The proposal must contain:

l  The title of the Special Issue.

l  A statement of the Special Issue’s significance for JHM, and the likely content to be covered.

l  A draft of the Call for Papers.

l  An outline timetable.

A proposed timeline and schedule which includes:

  • Deadline for submission (3-6 months from the initial Call-for-Papers)
  • First round of review (3 months after submission deadline)
  • Tentative publication date (3 months after the first round of review)


The Editorial Board will consider whether the initial proposal is of interest to the journal and inform the proposed Guest Editors whether or not it will be granted agreement in principle. In the case of Special Issue Call for Papers, the Editor will liaise with the Guest Editors and the Editorial Board to finalize and release the Call for Papers as widely as possible.


To ensure the success of the Special Issue, we generally aim to have over 10 submissions, which allows for a higher rejection rate and thus produces a stronger collection of accepted manuscripts. If the Special Issue receives less than 6 submissions, we will unfortunately have to move the papers to the regular section of the journal.


Article Format

In preparing an article for submission please ensure that the format adheres to the instructions provided for authors on the JHM website: Click here


Particular attention should be paid in the following areas:

l  Each article needs an abstract no longer than 350 words.

l  Each article needs 3-6 appropriate key words.

l  The title should be as clear as possible in describing its content.

l  The format of the reference section is as described in our instructions.

Submissions Guidelines

All submissions should be made through Online Submission System, following the guidelines below:

Login on JHM website

If you have not yet registered on Online Submission System, please follow the instructions below:

• Please log on to here

• Click on 'Go to Registration'

• Follow the on-screen instructions, filling in the requested details before proceeding

Submitting an article to the JHM

• Please log on to JHM at Online Submission System with your username and password.

• When you log in as an author, you will be guided through the submission process.

The Review Process and Editorial Procedure

Prior to submission Guest Editors must review all papers to ensure they meet the required standard both in material and format (See Author Guidelines). Careful preparation of a special issue will reduce revision time and result in earlier publication.

The guest editor is responsible for the the first round of review to ensure all submissions up to standard of JHM. A second round of review process is proceeded by the ERB to further control the quality.